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The AT-2035 is a studio condenser microphone designed for home and studio recording.  Audio Technica excels at implementing modern circuitry while maintaining a high level of quality control. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of Audio Technica’s line for a number of recording applications, from vocals, guitars, to the hardest hitting drummers, finding it to stand on its own in the sea of value driven condensers. The manufactures of Audio Technica used quality electronic components and a solid mechanical design rolling their experience into a cost effective condenser microphone. The AT2035 reveals sonic characteristics traditionally found in higher priced microphones. Studio owners recording on smaller budgets have found the AT 2035 is providing excellent results.

The AT-2035′s diaphragm and circuitry is designed with a high level of consistently performing well on a multitude of recording applications.

Recording with the Audio Technica AT 2035

Vocals (Mono)
The 2035 is clean and clear on vocals, its low noise circuitry and sensitive diaphragm picks up the nuances of even the most delicate vocal. The AT2035 has a flat frequency response with a slight boost at 10 kHz, giving it distinct presence. Although clear and present, no microphone is designed for every voice, experimentation is the key, but if chosen to couple with the right vocal and preamp the AT2035 shows outstanding results.

Acoustic Guitar (Mono or Stereo)
Acoustic guitars sound full-bodied with a crisp top-end, especially when using a pair of 2035′s, Depending on the microphone technique the AT 2035 can sound deep and warm or crisp and brilliant. The Audio Technica 2035 has a broad frequency response (20Hz to 20 KHz), along with a high SPL rating (130dB), handling transients of a percussive guitar with ease.

Drum Overheads (Stereo)
This is the true test for any condenser microphone. The ability to capture drum transients with clarity is difficult, especially with cymbals. For a microphone designed for the home studio the AT2035 does an excellent job of keeping the noise-floor low and the transients clear. We experimented with equalization and compression when recording drum overheads, but found the right placement and technique was all the track called for.

With attention to positioning, technique, and sonic characteristics the Audio Techinca 2035 is a solid performer for home and studios recordings.


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